Thursday, July 9, 2009

More picks of Montana

                       Cave in the canyon down Hwy. 2 in Montana.
                                              Canyon down Hwy. 2 in Montana.
                                                  Old bank in Butte, MT.
      Dumas Brothel in Butte. It operated from 1890 until 1982, it's now a museum.
         Pasty and cole slaw. Pasty's are a traditional food of Butte that miners use to as an easy lunch fair when they were down under ground mining all day. 
           Butterfly garden at the top of Butte near the Nation Folk Festival.
                                                          Old hotel in Butte, MT.
                             Butte from the park we slept in last night.
                                   The town of Butte from the historic district.

       Sideways shot of an old mining head frame used to bring rocks up from the mines in Butte.
                          Ryan working on patching a sleeping matt.
          Shot of the horizon from an RV campground in Rocker, MT.
                            Mountain entering Butte, MT.
                              Scenic Montana from Hwy. 90.
                    The looming rain storm over the Rockies.
     First rain storm so far on the trip, it was actually kinda fun.
                           Sopping wet, but mostly dry with our rain gear.
                            Very cool sign just before Deer Lodge, MT.


  1. Oh man so i kinda think that you guys will totally be arount he black hills when i'm there!!! I know you wanna hang out with my wird family and ME so yeah the 21st to the 28th of july be there or be sucka pants. So specificlly I will be in Newcastle WY and Deadwood SD. COUNTRY FOLK

  2. Them is some cool pictures! Particularly like the picture taken of Rocky, Montana. It's real pretty. And that there picture of the old part of Butt, Montana (which is really its true name 'cordin to Great, great grandpa Zephaniah who worked in them copper mines til some fancy, schmancy, uptight spinster came along a put "e"'s at the end of every Butt sign. Grandpa Zeph was really peeved about that) are nice to see, too.