Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big Sky Country!!!

      Right now we are at 5,775 feet, almost a mile high up in Butte, Montana. Butte is a beautiful town perched up high in a valley atop the Rocky Mountains. Internet in many of the small town libraries and RV parks has been down or so slow that we couldn't publish posts. We have found our opportunity before heading on to Yellowstone Park.
       About a week ago we were steadily making our way down Hwy. 90 to Missoula. After a 50 mile day we stopped into a small town called Alberton, looking to find a place to camp for the evening. Alberton is a picturesque, small one street town hidden behind a huge rock face along  Hwy. 90, that in a car you would never have noticed driving by. We followed the main road through town directly to the local bar, drawn there like flies to a neon light. The bar tender and a local named Dan told us that we would be fine sleeping in the public park across the street, both of them were certian that no one would bother us, and that the local sheriff only drove through town about once a week. Knowing how easy it would be to stumble across the street and set up camp we hung out until closing time partying with everyone in the bar. Dan was great and told us all about Missoula and what was worth seeing. Another local named Guido plunked down next to us at the bar sharing stories about the town, his writing, and opening up a deli next door. The whole evening was spent in the company of great people. Toward closing t another couple around our age stopped by to have a few drinks named Justine and Corey. Corey made us specialty shots; he just stepped behind the bar and helped himself to bar tending duties. (Half the patrons at the bar also worked there, so almost everyone made themselves a drink or two). After closing Justine and Corey invited us to spend the night at there house. The hospitality they showed us was so generous and we had tons of fun hanging out with such cool folks. Thanks again for everything! You two are wonderful and we can't wait to see you when you visit Portland.
     We even got a ride into Missoula from our host! That too was much appreciated. The next afternoon Ryan and I met his parents and grandparents in Missoula; they drove up to meet us for a couple of days before the 4th of July. Having a vacation with family from our vacation; being completely spoiled and pampered was heavenly. Most of all we both enjoyed spending time with everyone and Astor. While in Missoula we all explored the town and spent a great deal of time eating and relaxing, what more could we have asked for. Three square meals a day! We saw live music in the park, went to a baseball game, popped into many of the local shops, and did some necessary shopping. Thank you so much Carol, Anker, Linda, and Bryce!!! Spending time with you all was so enjoyable. You spoiled us rotten a million times over and we loved every minute of it. On a personal note, I was thrilled to spend so much time with all of you and feel much closer to each one of you. Many many thanks for everything.
     Now in Butte we have decided to stay until this Friday for the beginning of the National Folk Festival. It's world renowned and expected to be a blast. Everyone we have talked to has nothing but praise for the festival, so it can't be missed. We have also endured three days of rain, lightening storms, and a little hail here and there, so a break with live music sounds perfect. Butte is a beautiful town with a large historic district. It is still an active mining town and there are old head frames all over from many years ago perched on the hilltops. The Rockies loom over the skyline, sprinkled by a light dusting from the winter snow.

Allegra and Ryan


                                      Mmmmmm.......Rocky Mountain oysters! 
                                          Baseball game in Missoula, MT.
                                              Another shot of the game.
                                   Park in Downtown Missoula with live music.
                                                              A huge wish!!!
                         Outside the Rocky Mountain Museum in Missoula.
       Ryan's Family and Astor in the park having lunch in Missoula.
           Kayakers on Brennan's Wave by the park in Missoula.
                                      Another pick of the kayakers.
                                          Justine, Corey, and us in Missoula.
                       Ryan with third eye........serious third eye.
                                                Drunk poke-a-dot face!!!
                               Legs and Guido, one of Alberton's locals.
                          Alberton's bar was covered in bras from white trash contests.


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  2. What a fantastic blog this is!! I can't believe how hospitable and trusting the locals are. Love the pictures, but a Testacle Festival?!! How in the heck is that celebrated? (but do I really want to know?!) Keep blogging....am thoroughly enjoying your writing Legs ;-) I love and miss you loads! xoxo

  3. Didja eat any of them mountain oysters? Thems is yummy. Now, it's a little known fact that the name Missoula is a slur from the old cattlemen and miners who called the town "Miss-My-Moola", due to all the gamblin' and whoring around. I am in absolute amazement that y'all found that bar in Alberton! I can see my old red bra in that pik you sent! I am just thrilled it's still there!!! And how fine that Ryan's folks came to Missoula, fed ya, took care of ya, and even brought that funny lookin' Astor dog. And them other people you met seem really sweet. Glad yur all having a such good time!