Monday, June 22, 2009

Wheat fields and more bike tour junkies

****We found these photos on Tyler's website of his trip. There is a link below to his site.**** 

Our tent village next to the fairgrounds in Davenport.
                                     Ron, Kristle, Jason and us.
           A nice picture of us by our in the bike tour tent city.
                                                   Sharing a meal together.

       WHEAT! It has been everywhere for the last two days. We came out of the dessert to rolling fields of wheat that went on forever. There will be much more down the road. For the last couple of days we have stayed in small towns across Washington. Two days ago we stayed in Odessa for the night. A small German influenced town in the middle of the dessert complete with grain elevators, a main street, one bar, a restaurant, and very nice public campground that 
was free. 
      Our next stop was the small town of Davenport. We got permission from the local sheriff to camp in the county fairgrounds. It was a great spot across from a small airport. We were feeling good after setting up camp so we decided to play some hacky sack. I then, (Ryan speaking) sprained my ankle. The next morning my ankle was throbbing and it was raining so we decided to take a day off and hang out in Davenport. While walking back to camp I ran across two other tourers on bikes. Tyler and Rob. They were biking from Seattle. Tyler is an Iraqi war vet who is on a book tour and his destination is Boston. Rob was a touring monster who was accompanying Tyler to Spokane. Rob has crossed the country 4 times before. It was great swapping stories about our adventures. 
      Later that evening we were joined by another couple on tour. Kristle and Jason were from Texas and are touring from Spokane to the San Juan's then down to San Francisco. Our camera died on us after they arrived so we didn't get a photo of them. We all camped on the fairgrounds and talked all night. It was great to meet some people doing the same crazy things we are. We all parted ways the next morning after swapping information.
We now find ourselves in Spokane, in a bar using their wi-fi. Tomorrow brings Idaho to us at last. Washington is great but it is time to say good buy and move on. 
We miss everyone and love hearing from you all. 
Ryan and Legs

Tyler and Ron talking with us at the camping spot we shared.
                                        Wheat everywhere!
                              Camping in Odessa, Washington.

                                 Odessa's German Town Hall.


  1. Look forward to all your entries. Enjoy all the pictures. You're doing a great job, Allegra!!


  2. So my question is: How didja talk that sheriff inta lettin' ya stay in the park that night? Whooyee, gal - ya gotta goin'! So proud of ya, honey, your doing a great job, Allegra!

    Sorry ya hurt yer ankle playing, what hacky-sack? What the dernation is hacky-sack?
    Glad to hear ya better.

    And ta think yer meetin' other crazy folks like yerselves bikin' all over tarnation for no particular good reason outside of seein' Amerika. How fine is that?

    I love ya honey! yer Mom