Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life at Soap Lake

       Neither one of us doesn't miss trees yet, so it means that when we get past the Rockies we both will. It has been close to perfect weather everyday out here and we haven't passed out from dehydration or sunstroke, so all is well. The high was 82 degrees but the winds kept us cool. 
      Before our last post Ryan discovered a problem with the tension on his back derailleur so we went back into Ellensburg to have a bike mechanic look at it. He had a worn casset and chain so we had them replaced and took off early in the morning. From Ellemsburg, downhill towards the Columbia was pretty nice. There were a few uphill battles until we reached a long stretch of 5 miles downhill all the way to to the river. We flew down the road at at stop speed of 42 miles an hour; it only took us about 20 minutes to cover the five mile stretch. It's a great way to come down the Gorge if your touring. However, the climb over the bridge is pretty steep and grueling along Hwy.90. to get across again, but much shorter than the ride down. Yesterday the wind speed was between 15 and 23 miles an hour at times as we cruised down and struggled up the Gorge. It blows West to East so a majority of the time it gives you bit of a push but on the way up it hits you hard sideways making the climb slow and frustrating.  
        Rest assured it's normally a lot less calm. Everyone we spoke to said that it was an unusually windy day. We wearily rode in to George, Washington to find a place to camp. Our search was a failure after biking down some of the country roads and realizing there was no low key spots anywhere near the route we needed to continue on. Ryan and I headed to the local bar to ask around about camping sites or places were we wouldn't be noticed. 
     We meant a couple from town who offered us a room for the night named Cherie and Joe. They are a great couple living in George who struck up a conversation with us about our adventures so far. We're both still in disbelief that they were so gracious and trusting of two very dirty, smelly, bike tour novices who they had just ran into at a bar and invited home to spend the night and take a shower. The four of us stayed up late and had a few more drinks back at their amazing geometric dome house. Its beautiful inside. Thank you again to Cherie and Joe for the kindness and hospitality that you showed us. We will miss you but promise to keep in touch.
    Our trip has ended for the day in Soap Lake, Washington, lakeside in a perfect camp ground right down the street from the B&B Diner. Before dark we took a dip and cooled off for a while. The lake has a high concentration of minerals and salts that make the water feel like it has a soapy texture when its against your skin, hence the name. It is also a lake traditionally known for it's healing waters. It is warm and clear with a dark black mud. A nice way to end a day of hot bike riding.
   Will write soon. 
    Ryan and Allegra

Ryan ordering food from the kitchen at the B&B.
                                            I love Pie!!!
Ryan with the best burger he has had so far on this trip.
                                      Soap Lake from our camp site. 
B&B Drive-In Diner in Soap Lake, Washington. It is americana goodness.


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  1. Good god! You two took a swim in the lake? I hope you both bathed well at those utterly kind people's home. It wouldn't surprise me if those kind folks didn't even let ya use their bathroom and tol' you to go to Soap Lake to take yerselves a long bare-ass soak. As a matter-of-fact, I'm dumbfounded that they allowed you in their really cool house being that you were both stinkin' and skanky. So, if ya killed any fish in that lake cuz ya didn't bath properly in that home or ya decided Soap Lake would clean ya up, then ya had better have gotten rid of them dead fish, cuz that's evidence. PETA will be after your asses.

    And I see yer eating real healthy food. Honey-girl, am proud you found yourself a nice fat piece of pie, and I gotta tell ya, that there cheeseburger in front of Ryan made my mouth get all gobbery with envy...think I'll go fry me one up right now!