Friday, April 23, 2010

On the road again

It feels great to be on the road again. After working in the meat prosessing plant, biking all day is pure heaven. To continue this trip we first had to get back to Raleigh, NC to collect our bikes and gear. We elected to go Greyhound. Not the smartest decision we have made on this trip but it worked out just fine. Our bus was supposed to leave Portland at 11:45pm on the 12th of April. We arrived just in time to hear that there was going to be a 3 and a half hour layover in Portland, because Greyhound needed a new driver who was in Seattle. Luckily we had friends with us. Ernie, Gersh and Dre took us out for drinks and food at the Low Brow. We then boarded the bus for our 80 hour trip across the country. It wasn't too bad. We were able to sleep for big chunks of the journey. It was also a nice time for reading. When we arrived in Raleigh, there was no one to meet us so we had to figure out the local bus system there and take a 2 hour bus ride to the house we had our gear stored at. Everything was in perfect condition aside from a couple of flat tires. We spent the day getting everything ready and repaired. That night we partied with the boys who rent the house and their friends. We had a great time, a little too great a time. The next morning we were in no shape to bike out of there. So we started our journey with a rest day. The next day we were ready to roll. North Carolina is a beautiful state. The eastern half is also nice and flat. We have found great camping spots in the forests that cover most of the state. Southern hospitality is a wonderful thing. Everyone here seems to be really nice. And the southern draw is a very pleasant touch added to any conversation. We currently find ourselves in Whiteville, just north of the South Carolina boarder. Tomorrow we head to the coast and the warm waters of the Atlantic. We will add pictures in a day or two. We miss you all already.

Ryan and Allegra


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  2. Just got back from New Orleans, you guys are in for some fun times there!

  3. Hey honey, Glad ta hear ya likin' the South! That's where our peoples come from. Southern people are the sweetest, kindest folks you'll ever know. There's family there still. Ya might want to stop in to see the Goiters in Loxley, Alabama, east side of Mobile Bay before ya cross to Mobile on yur ways to New Orleans. Them Goiters make the best possum stew you'll ever smack yur lips around. Oh, so as ya know,the Goiters are related to us on yur grandpa's side. Some distant carin' folks, that still keep in touch with us. But I've got to warn ya, thems black folk so don't be shocked. Love to ya & Ryan! Mom