Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We made it across!!!

         We have successfully made our way across the United States! It's a great feeling of accomplishment having made it this far. We took our sweet time getting to the Atlantic but it was well worth the days of relaxation along the way. 
       After we said farewell to the mayor of Esperance we headed south toward Hwy. 9 which runs along the Hudson River, leading toward New York City. Just 15 miles before reaching  Hwy. 9 we stopped at the small town of Cairo for a night, but ended up staying for three days, taking advantage of the great camping spot that we scored in a large patch of woods right in the middle of town next to the library. The campsite we set up was situated far away from surrounding houses and streets so campfires were possible ever night. It was just too hard for us to pull out of there, having a library to lounge at and campfires for extra warmth in between the rainy days that week. 
      Reaching Hwy. 9 was a breeze after we left Cairo. From there the roads flattened out substantially following the Hudson south. At Poughkeepsie, NY we headed East again for almost twenty miles, then South once more on Hwy 121 to make a stop in Greenwich, CT to visit and stay with my aunt Amber. This area of Connecticut is hilly, but worse, has absolutely no shoulder on the roads. Riding in Greenwich is nerve racking, not having any leeway to move over for cars. Drivers in the area were very kind however, and moved over as far as they could or slowed down until they had the chance to pass us. I was still uneasy during our whole ride through the area and would not recommend biking on the roads in the Greenwich area unless your using roads that are marked as part of the East Coast Greenway Trail, (a route mapped out for cyclist down the East Coast from Canada to the Florida Keys) or other roads that are recommended by Adventure Cycling or some other bike friendly organization. 
      Right before the Connecticut border we passed through Hyde Park where FDR's estate is located. We spent a quick hour walking around the grounds to view the gardens, exterior of the house, and stables. 
       Staying in Greenwich, CT at my Aunt's fabulous home was pure luxury for five days. It's a beautiful English Tudor with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, full basement, wine cellar, pool, guest house, and a couple of acres of perfection surrounding it. We felt entirely spoiled to say the least.  Ryan had a little set-back on our second day there. A kidney stone cropped up on him and took him out of commission from any normal human interactions for a couple of days. He probably jinxed himself after announcing on our quick facts list that he hadn't had one so far on the trip. We're both extremely happy that he didn't have to pass his stone while we were camping out in the tent somewhere in the pouring rain. I want to thank Amber from the bottom of my heart for doing everything in her power to accommodate us while we stayed with her. I so enjoyed spending time with you. And thank you for being so gracious. 
     After a full recovery on Ryan's part we rode right from Greenwich into New York City. We have been here for a few days thus far and have been exploring the city everyday. More to come on New York City once we've tooled around some more.

Ryan and Allegra 
                                           Turner family home.
         Amber Turner, my aunt who we stayed with in Greenwich, CT.
                             Another photo of the Turner home.
     Cemetery we rode by coming into Greenwich.
                                            Lake in Greenwich.
     Stables at the FDR house in Hyde Park, NY.
                             Outside the stables.
   This is one angle of the view from the backyard of the FDR home.
                 Gardens near the presidential library.
                   Front of the Roosevelt family home.
   Life size bronze of Eleanor and Franklin outside the visitor center.
                             Taking a break on the way to Greenwich.

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