Tuesday, June 16, 2009

              So long Seattle, it was fun, but we have moved on; heading East toward Idaho. We left Seattle two days ago from Ryan's Uncle and Aunt's house ready to begin conquering the Cascades. We pulled out of the driveway, began to head up the hill, then, with the best of comedic timing my chain got severely jammed in my chain rings. We have the worst luck leaving places for whatever reason. Oh Well. Keith, Ryan's uncle, generously drove us to a bike store in order to get the problem fixed, then out to the base of the Cascades. Thank you so much for your help! Thanks a million to both Krys and Keith for letting us stay at your house in Seattle. It was so nice to have a bed and a shower to use for a couple of days. I really enjoyed meeting you and the whole family too.
         In about a day we climbed to the top of the range. Hwy. 90 has some beautiful views of the mountains and a good wide shoulder. The hills are constant all the way up but gradual enough that at times we both forgot that we were climbing for an entire day. We camped at a site called Denny Creek three miles from Snoqualmie Pass. A great place to have a relaxing night and some rock-free ground to pitch a tent. After our last leg-burning three miles to the summit we cruised down the range for the rest of the day. 
        Yesterday was the beginning of a complete change of landscape. The higher altitude dessert/ forested areas of the state. After half a days ride we stopped off at the Easton Saloon and had a couple of beers with the locals there. They were hilarious, and talked to us about how much they love the simple country lifestyle. An old dog named Lucky walked the bar as old men and motorcycle riders came and went.
        Last night we camped outside of Cle Elum under a bridge by the Yakima River. The river ran close by, shallow and swift. It was a hobo's paradise if I had ever seen one, and it was all ours for the night. We even made seasoned fish fillets, rice, and broccoli for dinner last night. A few fishermen saw our tent this morning and took off in a hurry. I didn't realize how hoboish we had become until then. Well, we still look pretty clean a least. 
    We'll write soon! So long from our current stop at Ellensburg.
         Ryan and Allegra

                                     Getting ready for some fireside cook'in.
                                           Old aqueduct running along the side of a valley.
                                     Up along Hwy. 10 outside of Ellensburg WA.
                                         Our camping spot under a bridge outside Cle Elum WA.


  1. I thought you two would be sleeping under the stars...but, nooo, ya picked a bridge to sleep under! What's with that? Are ya brushing yer teeth at night? Washing dem undies out? And what's that chipmunk doin' eatin' that fine white bread of yours?...don't be calling me askin' fer money to buy ya more white bread, jus cuz that critter ate it all up.....probably exploded, didn't it? How could ja? Is that how ya get yer laffs? Now, I know it gets a bit boring out there, but for gods sake, don't take it out on them lil' critters...besides, that's plum foolish ta waste good white bread like that. Now I know those sweet dear folks in Seattle let the two of ya foul up their bathrooms, but have ya taken a dip in a river yet? Honeys, make sure ya scare the fish away, so as ya don't have dead fish floatin' around from ya havin' to soak yer scum off. Don't eat them dead fish, they've been contaminated. I know that's temptin' but ya'll get a roaring, I mean, a gusher of diarrhea. Then ya know what'll happen? One of ya probably get a fistful of nettles to wipe with, then ya won't be able to ride yer rig for 10 days! So ya scare them fish away, ya hear?

  2. While you're out and about don't forget to worship Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The bible says, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all you mind and with all your strength". - Mark 12:30 (NIV). Please stop drinking all that alcohol!