Monday, June 8, 2009

Failure to Launch

        Hey everybody! We are on the second day of our journey and have reached Longview. The library here has been the first available internet spot that we have come across too.
       The departure date didn't go as planned and we stayed in town with my parents for another night. Pictures had been taken and goodbyes said, and as soon as Ryan went down the sidewalk ramp his trailer's arm broke. We spent the day buying new trailers and attaching brand new Rubbermaid bins to them to get us on our way. We owe so much to my parents for funding the new trailers. Without your help we would have been very far behind schedual and lacking in seroius funding. Thank you so so so much for the generous gift. We are forever gratful.
       June 7th was our sucessful take-off date. We made it all the way to Goble OR, 45.5 miles. It was a fairly easy ride, small hills off and on, all of which have a gradual grade. No rain either, just a little misting after we set up our "stealth camp" off hwy 30 up an old road near a family burial plot. It ended up being a great place to pitch out tent far up from the lights and cars passing through the night.
       Now that We're in Longview I never want to bike over the Longview bridge again, EVER!!! I think Ryan was much more comfortable then I was the whole time. It's incredibly steep and long, the shoulder is full of wood scraps, so it was nerve racking. We are alive though I I bet we'll see worse so I'll just have to suck it up.
     Thank you to everyone who came to our going-away party, it was great to see you all one lat time. The utmost thanks to Gresh and Kyle who helped us move our belongings out of our apartment for four days. You guys are some of the best friends in the world. Thank you to our families for the support and gifts you have showered us with to make our journey possible. 
Here are pictures of out adventure so far. We will write as soon as we can again.
Ryan and Allegra 



  1. Ohh ya'll are crazy. Glad you got new trailers, that don't break under the weight of an Aster dog. I love you guys, and I am following your blog diligently.
    xoxo Audie

  2. Hey bugger heads...Do you know how LUCKY you two are from seeing those fish throwers at Pikes Market tossing REAL fish around? Do you know??? Just came out (like a fire-hydrant-out-the-mouth-barf), on NPR that PETA is siting cruelty to dead fish throwing and the fish monger throwers should stop their sadistic behavior immediately. Jesus, Joseph and Mary...what's ta worl comin' to?

    Meanwhile, ya forgot to mention the lonely, complete with jumping-out-of-control mangy dogs skeezer guy living a shack willing to put you both up for the, what happened to that story, eh? And, and ya had to hoof it up, gear and all, up some steep, pitted logging road to get away from the skeezer dude...

    And hey, what about getting mislead on directions that damn near had ya onto I-5, for godsakes? Oh, no, un un, it hasn't been all apple pie or peachie keen...tell the truth, now...

  3. (Your mother wrote this trash on my site.)